Read IDC’s Technology Assessment Guide Titled "Attack Surface Management: The Foundation of Risk Management"

Understand the key capabilities to look for when selecting an External Attack Surface Management solution with expert guidance and selection criteria from analyst firm IDC. 

Leverage IDC’s research and insights to understand the most critical elements to create a successful attack surface management project so you can keep your internet-exposed assets safe from cyberattackers. In this Technology Assessment Guide, you will access checklists to measure potential EASM vendors in the following key areas:

  • Discovering your company’s entire external attack surface to gain ultimate visibility into all your company’s assets thereby reducing the surface area for potential threats
  • Attributing asset ownership and classifying assets by business purpose to streamline solutions to vulnerabilities
  • Scoring findings by business risk to cut down on alert noise and prioritize the biggest risks so teams know where to focus immediately
  • Testing the attack surface continuously to fill in gaps in staff skill sets or resources to decrease time-to-detection (MTTD) and time-to-remediation (MTTR)
  • Integrating into existing vulnerability management workflows and providing actionable remediation planning to achieve your risk management goals 

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What is External Attack Surface Management (EASM)?

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is an emerging market category that Gartner created in March 2021 to describe a set of products that supports organizations in identifying risks coming from internet-facing assets and systems that they may be unaware of.

EASM solutions continuously discover, classify and assess the security of your internet-exposed attack surface from the outside in. EASM provides a view of an organization’s IT assets, as well as those closely related to the organization, as seen by attackers looking at the organization from the outside. For this reason, EASM excels at finding “unknown unknowns.”

Attack surface protection solutions build on that concept and combine the market’s most advanced External Attack Surface Management capabilities with automated multi-factor testing, to discover the paths of least resistance that attackers are most likely to use to compromise organizations.

Why CyCognito?

Our SaaS platform prevents breaches by accelerating, scaling, and optimizing workflows that are critical to protecting your attack surface. We uncover the “ten security gaps that generate 90% of the risk” in your external attack surface using an attacker’s perspective and automate reconnaissance that reduces your mean time to remediation (MTTR) from months down to two weeks, while also saving between $100K-$3M on pentesting, vulnerability management, and compliance.

With our platform, it’s easy to protect your extended IT ecosystem, including exposed assets that impact your on-premise, in-cloud, and third party environments -- and get ahead of risks. We show you how attackers truly see your IT ecosystem and their path of least resistance to your networks, applications, and data.



Graphs Business Relationships



Determines Business Context



Tests Security at Scale



Prioritizes Risks



Accelerates Remediation