Monitor Subsidiary Risk

Discover and prioritize security risks introduced by your subsidiaries.

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The CyCognito platform gives you immediate visibility of the security posture of your subsidiaries. It identifies their attack surfaces and the effectiveness of their security controls, without requiring any deployment or configuration.



Map all of the assets in your IT ecosystem even if they are managed by a subsidiary organization.

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Assess the security posture of your subsidiaries to understand which of their exposures could impact your business.

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Grade risks in subsidiary environments that will leave your organization most exposed.

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Watch a short video to see how the CyCognito platform gives you immediate visibility to the cybersecurity posture of your subsidiaries. 

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Helping a Telecom Discover a Significant Shadow Risk

One of CyCognito's customers, a telecommunications company, deployed a defensive security solution, known as a deception system. The system was misconfigured by the vendor's engineer, exposing the company’s entire management system on the open web. The CyCognito platform discovered the misconfiguration immediately, enabling the company to resolve the security weak spot before attackers could exploit it.

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Uncover Your Shadow Risk

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