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Press Release

CyCognito Expands Market Reach with New VP

July 15, 2021

CyCognito Expands Market Reach with Appointment of Randy Streu as Vice President of Business Development

With 20+ years of experience, Streu now leads CyCognito’s strategic relationships with global system integrators, technology partners and other businesses that need actionable cyber risk intelligence

Palo Alto, Calif. — CyCognito, the leader in external attack surface management and attack surface protection, today expanded its executive bench and market reach with the appointment of Randy Streu, Vice President of Business Development.

In this new role, Streu is identifying growth opportunities and building relationships in markets where accurate cybersecurity risk measurements can and will have a significant and positive impact on a company’s security posture and business ecosystem. He is also responsible for expanding and strengthening CyCognito’s relationships with technology, strategic alliance and OEM partners to drive greater market adoption around cyber risk intelligence.

“I’m delighted to join CyCognito and help develop a partnership framework and programs that drive growth for both CyCognito and our partners. I look forward to building on the momentum CyCognito is experiencing as it pioneers this new market,” says Streu. “CyCognito leads the attack surface protection market, marrying attack surface management with automated security testing to provide meaningful actionable risk intelligence. The company is investing in partnerships as a way to unlock additional value in CyCognito’s unique risk intelligence and establishing powerful go-to-market alliances that allow us and our partners to reach new and underserved markets.”

“CyCognito is uniquely positioned to help eliminate the security blindspots facing today’s enterprises and empower partners worldwide with the cyber risk intelligence needed to take action and better protect the businesses they serve, and the surrounding ecosystem,” says Rob Gurzeev, CEO and co-founder of CyCognito. “You can see the need for better cyber risk intelligence across the headline news, which is why Randy’s role as VP of Business Development is so important for us, our partners and the marketplace. Cyber attacks are on the rise and the risks have never been higher, making the need for CyCognito’s risk intelligence undeniable.”