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Intelligent Prioritization Assists in
Ruling Your Risks

Eliminate alert fatigue and focus on the top 1% most critical issues in your attack surface through intelligent, automated risk prioritization.

Self-Guided Product Tour

See it in action.

Experience how CyCognito’s automated asset discovery and contextualization combines with dynamic security testing to power intelligent issue prioritization.

Give CyCognito’s tactical threat intelligence module, Exploit Intelligence, a test-drive with a self-guided, interactive dashboard product tour.

Benefit One
Focus on what matters

Security experts should be focused on challenging problems,

not sifting through port scans, chasing false positives and alerts, and manually correlating data for reporting. The CyCognito platform uses the context of your business and extended IT ecosystem to automate discovery, scale testing and accelerate decision making. Your team can focus on the 10 issues that account for 90% of your risk so they can secure your networks, applications and data.

Benefit Two
Prioritization requires Intelligence

You can’t base prioritization solely on CVSS Scores

CyCognito factors in high precision intelligence in order to ensure that the most critical issues are prioritized first. Our prioritization engine determines criticality based on asset classification, security testing results, curated threat intelligence and attacker weaponization metrics. The most attacker attractive assets with the highest level of ease of exploitation are prioritized as critical.

Benefit Three
Attackers only need seconds to exploit

Find exploited assets promptly

Your security analysts need to accelerate mean time to detection (MTTD) in order to keep up with the attackers. CyCognito not only takes the perspective of attackers in automated discovery of exploited assets, we also continuously prioritize exploitable assets to keep attackers at bay.

Benefit Four
Trusted Partner with IT Operations

Relations between Security teams and IT operations can be challenging.

CyCognito ensures positive and timely communications between these teams by being able to communicate the most critical issues to resolve first with evidence about the owner of the asset, detailed exploit information, impact analysis and actionability validation guidance.

CyCognito Solution Brief

Prioritize Risk and Accelerate Remediation

Download CyCognito’s Prioritize Risk and Accelerate Remediation Solution Brief to learn about today's common problems within risk prioritization and remediation and how CyCognito can be implemented as a solution. The brief shares contextualized data, an anonymized customer case study, and use cases.

Prioritize Risk and Accelerate Remediation
Prioritize Risk and Accelerate Remediation
Kevin Kealy Chief Information Security Officer Scientific Games

CyCognito was a fairly small investment in comparison to the cost of responding to even one incident showing us exactly what we're looking at on the outside and helping us to prioritize exactly which assets are the most risky and which needs to be dealt with."

— Kevin Kealy | Chief Information Security Officer, Scientific Games
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