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Accelerate Your Risk Remediation

Prioritize risks, verify remediation, automate workflows, and generate progress reports for faster and more effective risk management.

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Benefit One
Improve MTTR by as much as 88%

With the right credibility, insight and workflows comes faster time to resolution.

Prioritizing the most important risks to your business, informing teams with insight and guidance, and automating workflows helps to improve time to repair. Fortune 100 customers of CyCognito across industries including hospitality, manufacturing and asset management report 50% to 88% faster remediation times.

Benefit Two
Verifiable Findings and Remediation Guidance

Resolving business risks from unknown, unmanaged assets can be daunting, especially when an outside entity owns it.

Risks owned by subsidiaries or third-parties often are the hardest to address. Having verifiable evidence of every risk that’s found and security testing of every live asset eliminates false positives and bolsters your credibility. With step-by-step guidance to resolve issues for every risk, you enable teams or owning entities to easily take action.

Benefit Three
Integrations for Faster Resolution

Integrations and automated workflows to speed resolution of risks

Configurable workflows and automations help get all the right information in the right places right away. CyCognito integrates seamlessly with leading ticketing systems, SIEMs and vulnerability management platforms, including ServiceNow, Jira, ZenDesk, Tenable, and Splunk.

Benefit Four
Planning and Progress Reporting

Automate your remediation plan and generate progress reports for Executives and security leaders

A remediation plan helps focus efforts and resources on resolving risks that will best improve your security posture. In-platform validation that risks have been resolved and executive reports and dashboards provide visibility on progress, keeping leaders informed as you rule your risk.

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Kevin Kealy Chief Information Security Officer Scientific Games

I can’t point to another tool that does as thorough a job of exploring and exposing those assets that you didn’t even know you had. It’s so valuable."

— Kevin Kealy | Chief Information Security Officer, Scientific Games