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TAG Cyber Analyst Report

Benefits of External Attack Surface Management Across Both Security and IT

How CyCognito’s External Attack Surface Management (EASM) platform supports many different team roles across both enterprise security and IT.

Enterprise teams can no longer view the benefits of a security platform in an organizationally siloed manner. Instead, they must view benefits holistically across the various groups that will derive value. For security teams, this requires attention across many different functions, including vulnerability management and penetration testing.

The benefit must also be carefully considered for IT groups since a significant role for most IT operations teams involves keeping infrastructure up and running. Security platforms cannot just focus on risk reduction without also demonstrating clear value to these IT partner teams.

This report looks specifically at investments in External Attack Surface Management (EASM) with a focus on the CyCognito solution. Download the report to learn how modern External Attack Surface Management and CyCognito enable value across enterprise security and IT teams.

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