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CyCognito Solution Brief

Prioritize Risk and Accelerate Remediation

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Identifying infrastructure vulnerabilities and misconfigurations has always been a daunting challenge. Like most security teams, you’re likely worried about your external-facing assets that could be present in public clouds, on remote-worker machines, or made public on subsidiary or partner networks. Vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are also a moving target, with new, more urgent issues appearing as your team attempts to schedule remediation of existing ones.

Download CyCognito’s Prioritize Risk and Accelerate Remediation Solution Brief to learn about today's common problems within risk prioritization and remediation and how CyCognito can be implemented as a solution. The brief shares contextualized data, an anonymized customer case study, and use cases.

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Awards & Recognition

The External Attack Surface Management Leader

Don’t take our word for it. The CyCognito platform continues to be recognized by leaders around the world.

Accelerate your risk remediation

Getting results without disrupting business is essential for CIOs. With the CyCognito platform, you can manage your risk confidently and intentionally to minimize your organization’s risk exposure. Learn about our revolutionary approach to external cyber risk management. Discover more about our solutions and how we help organizations identify, understand and master their risk in profound new ways.

Lear more about the CyCognito and take the first step to Rule Your Risk.