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CyCognito Solution Brief

Not every security gap is a fire drill. Risks to your business are.

Maximize impact by focusing on fewer risks through precise risk prioritization.

Testing at scale is a challenge for modern IT infrastructure that has become siloed and overly sprawled. IT infrastructure has busted beyond the confines of perimeter firewalls and now resides in public and private clouds, is owned by subsidiaries or partners, connects to third parties, and is deployed by business functions as shadow IT. Too often, organizations settle with testing only 10% to 30% of their infrastructure, resulting in blind spots that become opportunities for attackers.

Security and IT operations teams need help to stay ahead of rapid changes, especially where they put the business at risk. The CyCognito platform’s continuous scanning and active security testing at a global scale helps security teams keep pace with security risks to the business and other connected entities, including subsidiaries and partners.

Download CyCognito’s Security Testing Solution Brief to learn about the challenge of testing at scale, how to stay ahead of your changing attack surface, and how you can best prioritize and remediate risk.

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The External Attack Surface Management Leader

Don’t take our word for it. The CyCognito platform continues to be recognized by leaders around the world.

Accelerate your risk remediation

Getting results without disrupting business is essential for CIOs. With the CyCognito platform, you can manage your risk confidently and intentionally to minimize your organization’s risk exposure. Learn about our revolutionary approach to external cyber risk management. Discover more about our solutions and how we help organizations identify, understand and master their risk in profound new ways.

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