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Solution Guide

There’s a Better Alternative than SRS for Security Self-Assessment

Get our guide to see how you can validate your security posture with an outside-in approach


Every organization wants to make sure that their security posture is as good as it possibly can be. However, many third-party Security Ratings Services (SRS) are relying on inaccurate or incomplete information if you’re using them to perform a security self-assessment. As a result, security professionals are often frustrated with SRS solutions.

In this guide, we cover some areas where SRS solutions come up short, and detail a more effective approach for looking at your own security posture, including:

  • Using an outside-in, objective view of your risk exposure

  • How to include your extended IT ecosystem in an assessment

  • Discovering IT asset business context automatically to save time and effort

  • The importance of continuous monitoring for security posture changes
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