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See how using attack surface visibility as a foundation supports your security testing initiatives

This three-minute demo shows the CyCognito platform discovers more of your attack surface by using attack surface visibility as a foundation to support your security testing workflows. See how the CyCognito platform uniquely delivers:

  • The foundation of vulnerability management: full discovery of your extended IT ecosystem – even assets that are part of your extended IT ecosystem  
  • Detection and testing of attack vectors across your entire attacker-exposed IT ecosystem that go well beyond CVEs 
  • Prioritization of the attack vectors in your IT ecosystem based on what could impact your organization most from a cybersecurity risk perspective.
  • Actionable remediation guidance and reporting to accelerate your remediation and validation. 
Awards & Recognition

The External Attack Surface Management Leader

Don’t take our word for it. The CyCognito platform continues to be recognized by leaders around the world.