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Enable your security and operations teams to proactively identify, prioritize, and remediate exposures to stay ahead of attackers.

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GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management 2024

The expansion of an organization's attack surface continues to present a critical business challenge. Download the GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management to get an overview of the available ASM solutions, identify leading offerings, and evaluate the best solution for you.  

Use Cases

The CyCognito platform helps you identify all of the attacker-exposed assets in your IT ecosystem for a complete view of your attack surface.

State of External Exposure Management

Download CyCognito’s State of External Exposure Management Report to learn key recommendations that your Security teams can implement to improve their exposure management strategy and minimize risk. 

Our Customers

External attack surface management is advancing cybersecurity into a new era. Learn how security experts across all industries benefit from using CyCognito’s platform.

The Total Economic Impact™ of The CyCognito Platform

Read The Total Economic Impact™ of The CyCognito Platform — a Forrester study. Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By The CyCognito Platform. 

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How Enterprises Become Exposed to Hidden Risks From Subsidiaries and Web Apps

As large enterprises expand their global footprint through mergers and acquisitions and create subsidiary brands and products, their external attack surfaces can change by as much as 9% each month.

When enterprises’ attack surfaces are constantly fluctuating, they expose themselves to critical vulnerabilities that open paths of least resistance for attackers to exploit sensitive customer data. Most enterprises also use web apps for vital business e-commerce and business communications. However, they may not be aware that web apps account for 50% of high and critical issues of all assets exposed to the internet per recent analysis of CyCognito’s anonymized and normalized customer data.

Emma Zaballos

Emma Zaballos,
Product Marketing Manager

Jonathan Keÿzer

Jonathan Keÿzer, Sales Engineer

Join Emma Zaballos, Product Marketing Manager at CyCognito, and Jonathan Keÿzer, Sales Engineer at CyCognito, as they discuss anonymized customer insights from CyCognito’s External Risk Insights Brief report. This webinar will help your Security team understand how to protect its most critical assets from being easily exploited by attackers as your enterprise expands to include more subsidiary brands and web applications.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why 56% of the critical and high vulnerabilities that created paths of least resistance to customer assets were found on assets managed or owned by subsidiaries
  • Why enterprises are generally unaware of an astounding 10-30% of these subsidiaries before they start monitoring their attack surfaces
  • Why enterprises struggle to remediate critical issues despite knowing an asset’s location and its issues 54% of the time
  • Why web apps account for 50% of high and critical issues and make up over a third of customer requests to validate that a remediation effort was successful
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