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The Total Economic Impact™ of the CyCognito Platform - a Forrester study

8 quantified savings areas uncovered: Organizations see 490% ROI with less than a 6-month payback period.

Quantified savings areas with CyCognito

Forrester's research findings uncover a 490% ROI over a 3-year period across our sample customer profile. Learn how our customers experience faster risk remediation times, improved security posture, merger and acquisition savings, and savings in five other quantified areas.

time savings on asset discovery. Free up your scarce security resources to work on more important tasks by automatically finding previously unknown assets.
time savings for contextualizing assets. Improve prioritization and accelerate remediation by automatically identifying where assets are, what they are, and who manages them.
faster remediation. Close your security gaps faster with fewer false positives, more reliable data, and easy integration into your existing workflows.

Read the report now to see how you can save across all eight (8) quantifiable categories uncovered by the Forrester Total Economic ImpactTM Study.

Supercharge your external risk management

The best external attack surface management (EASM) solutions improve visibility, boost security and accelerate mean-time-to-remediation (MTTR) while reducing costs.

Most organizations looking for an EASM solution think “visibility” but the right solution can scale security testing and accelerate risk remediation times. This improves security, saves money, and allows you to focus your scarce expert resources on fixing, rather than finding, business-critical risks.


Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study: The value of EASM

Our guest speakers from Forrester Consulting share real CyCognito customer experiences



The CyCognito Platform - reduce risk and protect your attack surface

Go well beyond discovery with external attack surface management that lets you rule your risk.



Study: EASM products boost security while reducing costs

What is the economic impact of adding an EASM platform to your 2024 cybersecurity roadmap?


[Before the CyCognito platform], we had to rely on what the network team was telling us. And that was pretty much it. When we did an acquisition, the network team would let us know, ‘OK, here’s a new IP range for this company that we just acquired.’ Our discovery was limited to what they told me we had. That was one of the reasons that we went with CyCognito. Now, I have full visibility of all the assets that we own.”

— Director of security and compliance, physical security organization